I am getting a new laptop today so I'll have an option to work remotely (if needed).. yay?!

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    What kind of laptop? And do you also need some kind of vpn thing to get into the corporate network etc.?
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    @alexbrooklyn not sure, I'll see when I get it..some HP model I think. I just hope it has a decent resolution, so I wont't have to code with 7 lines visible on 10by10cm space.. o.O

    I already have vpn set up, but my private laptop is old & quirky.. last week I took it from bedrom to living room & he no longer knew it had any kind of OS installed.. o.O no linux, no windows.. only bunch of bad sectors on disk..
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    Good stuff - make sure you get a proper set up for remote working with a screen and adjustable desk etc. 👍🏻
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    Nice! My fiancee and I the other day decided to actually start putting together a decent workspace for when we WFH...got an ultrawide monitor and a new desk etc. I pushed the issue citing COVID but really I just wanted to get new stuff lol
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    @aykay76 Not rly.. my internet at home is bare minimum + it has connection issuess.. I usually spend 9h on average at work so there never was need for fast & reliable internet access at home as I am absent most of the time... o.O

    As for the setup.. I get a laptop, that's it. So I'll probably have to hijack one monitor & keyboard from work setup & just hope for the best..
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    Also we're starting test remote work in two days & the guy responsible for setting up new lappy hasn't even started yet..this will be fun.. xD
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    It's needed..starting monday schools close here.. we're on indefinite remote work since wednesday.. pooop..

    P.S. laptop is cool. I like it a lot. His name is lappy..may he survive all the madness..
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