Good news: I've finally started learning Golang! I've wanted to do it for a while, and now I am!

Bad news: I'm getting screwed by a GTK messagedialog that when open for the second time, simply panics! The dialog is in Glade because I've got no patience to master the art of giving 5 different flags (maybe that's just 'cause it's 3 AM). Plus, I'm have a similar issue with my about dialog! COME ON!!!!

P.s. just wanna say hi again, haven't been around in a long while, so: Hi!

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    @sqlkid why not?
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    Gtk is not thread safe, editing Gtk stuff from outside the main thread will panic. That's why you're probably better off choosing another language.
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    @sqlkid Gtk3 is actually pretty good. It's fast, lean, beautiful and platform independent.
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    @aggelalex I have edited GTK items from within a goroutine sans issues... So I don't think that's still true (unless there is some behind the scenes stuff happening).
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    @chabad360 not thread safe does not mean it will surely not work. AFAIK, in Rust it panics, but I don't know about Go. Perhaps you are able to successfully edit stuff from your goroutines only by luck.
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    @aggelalex I have a lot of luck then...
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