So i had the second talk with this company today. The backend developer somehow expected me to know all four benefits of jQuery. What the hell dude?

Nobody knows everything.

I’m not a big fan of jQuery period.

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    Benefits of jquery:
    1) uh
    4) you dont have to think about finding a new job if your current one makes you use it
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    4 benefits?
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    I work with jQuery every day of the week, and I wouldn't know what to answer...
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    1) allows you to remain ignorant of layout thrashing
    2) allows you to ignore the last 10 years of ecmascript and DOM development, because jQuery hasn't fundamentally changed since 1.3
    3) allows you to apply trivial JS duct tape onto a gaping hole in your server side rendered failboat at significant expense to your user experience
    4) allows you to unironically continue to use the word "Ajax"
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    1 price
    2 many stack overflow answers available
    3 in a cdn near you
    4 has $
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    @SortOfTested LOL, never knew ajax was an acronym. Would in practice it be called AJAJ now? I always thought it just meant dynamic update methods. Like an approach.
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    It's just someone trying to make a buzzword happen and failing. 😣

    Its just an http request. Or fetch, which is at least a native method.
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    jQuery is also "useful" for doing shit that ought to be done in CSS in the first place.
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    So based on this one technical question i was rejected. Looked at the jQuery website. Didn’t find the required answers. Googled jQuery benefits; found a list with 11 answers.
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