So, I went right into working after getting my bachelors in computer science. The company I'm working for is overall pretty good, I think. My colleagues are really nice people, my chef is a super chill dude and overall its a nice workfield.
There are weeks or even months, when nothing happens though. I go to work, fight through boredom and tiredness and go home. I had several months in the last year where I didn't write a single line of code.

Is this normal? Should I come to terms with this?
I didn't become a software developer to basically sell my lifetime.

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    Weeks without work?
    I can't even find an hour without working 😐

    Either your place is doing something wrong or draining $$$$, or mine is doing something wrong.
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    @C0D4 So you say that this isn't something I should get to terms with?

    Because this is kinda killing my mood constantly.
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    Is this company a software company first or does it just have a software department?
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    How do you mean "nothing happens"? Like you're not assigned any work? No, it's not usual. But... If you're just out of college they may not know what to do with you.
    If you want things to change then I would recommend talking to your manager. Otherwise either ask around what to do or do some learning for yourself.
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    @Ythenius how big is the company?
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    @Loops Its a software company. We're developing SAP PLM software
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    @DasKoder About 300 people. You may be right with them not knowing what to do with me. it's not like I haven't tried to get more work. I asked alot of times, but most of the time the tasks i got out of that were done in about an hour.

    Maybe I should just change the company.
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    @Ythenius I know its a common problem in companies that aren't software first. But in your case I don't know.
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    @Ythenius are you apart of almost 100% of meetings that take place? If not, then start there. Most of my year-1 projects were things i didn't take the lead on, but did a significant amount of busywork on. Just insert yourself into shit
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    Are they training you instead of giving work? Are you watching recorded video tutorials or reading documentation about the product your team is developing? Did they tell you to learn xyz language/framework?

    If answer is no to all of the above questions, then it's not normal. And you need to start asking questions to your team lead/manager about your work.

    Even you are in training period with complex product, it should not be more than 1-2 months.(approx)
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