Asked a provider for an endpoint that returns customer usage

Provider sends back an endpoint that takes 1 minute to return one days worth of data for 1 customer and asks we limit concurrency to 3... we have 3000+ customers with them

(1 minute * 3000 customers) / 3 = 16 hours to pull yesterday's numbers

Hope we don't get behind

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    Hope you don't get more customers
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    If time is money
    I got time
    And time saved
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    Is the timeframe hardcoded on the api hardcodes and if not is the time required proportional?
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    Wtf?! If it's that crap it should never be released as a public endpoint, or heck even an internal one. If I tried to publish an endpoint and said "ohh but btw it takes a minute or so to respond and we've only got capacity to do a few requests at once" I'd be told to sod off and do it properly.
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    How do you even write code that slow!?
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    @Root they hire monkeys to type up the json prolly
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    @Root If it's anything like the last place I worked, they probably have Devs who don't know what an index is in a DB.
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