Ok, I'm actually raging at vuejs right now, and this is coming from my second year using it.

the fucking shit is weird.
functional components cannot use v-model.
functional components also cannot reference other components via components property, that child component needs either to be global or be injected (an ugly hack).

v-model behaves differently on checkboxes. checkboxes are fucking shit on vue. things update or do not update.

functional components with checkboxes? hahahahahaha.

vue 3 is taking an ungodly shitload of fucking amount of time.

fuck react, but im actually considering giving vue the middle finger as well.

started this product migration 2 months ago and regretting it, looking at svelte with curious eyes.

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    Angular 💜💜
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    @LiterallyJesus plz don't make me think that someone other than me likes angular, plz don't play with my heart
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    You've hit the edge of the kiddie pool. Time for angular.
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    @SortOfTested is this really happening?
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    I mean I rep team angular here all the time?
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    angular???? what????
    I want to use something better, not worse.

    not interested in more kbs for clients, or less performance, or in reading an unnecessarily large docs page.

    that's why i mentioned svelte, because it's the obvious improvement.
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    Use :input-value and @click with checkboxes and switches.
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    nuxt.js it’s vue on steroids
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    @SortOfTested man I honestly thought i was the only one, must have missed them. Angular for the win!
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    @AleCx04 I've been using react for 2-3 years. No hands on experience for vue or angular. But I'm gonna start using angular soon, in my next job. My hunch is that it's gonna be good.
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    @ctrl-alt-del personally, I love it, but it does have a learning curve. For large applications is really good since there is separation of concerns, the ability to use a typed language (TS) , an easy to deploy pipeline, good and fast cli tooling, etc etc. From all the major frontend frameworks it is the one I enjoyed the most, but I can see why there is love for React and Vue as well so no problem there. Stephen Grider has an excellent course on Udemy. highly recommend man.
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    @AleCx04 appreciate you point me to a good direction to get started! I'd love to be in a position to give fair review on each so first of all I need to get my hands on all of them. I have great faith on angular since it's got a big community and there's always good reason for that. A big reason we picked react for the last project instead of angular is the learning curve, and we didn't need that many features (?). So despite that I still have a good feeling about angular
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