Can we PLEASE once and for all redesign email and texting to be whitelist only?

Seriously, blacklisting doesn't work. We still have assholes that just because they know a line of text or a phone number can harass you forever. It IS harassment and needs to stop. We can always have the option of throw away blacklist addresses, but lets make primary email and phone numbers whitelist only as a standard feature. The business of SPAM would be dead overnight.

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    I suggest instituting public beatings. You add me to **YET ANOTHER** marketing bullshit list even tho my email preference has been set to "Never, ever send any email or notification whatsoever" - I have the right to take a swing at your ass with a shovel. Or even better - if I find you've "shared" my phone number with your "partners" - you loose a finger.

    And to think I once started studying marketing ... what a barrel of shite that is - glad I fucked off.
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    Can't you do that with filters/rules? Anything you specify goes into the dedicated folder, the rest goes to spam.
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    Also, the phone system numbers are archaic. They need to be updated to allow more numbers. Make it so everyone gets a private + public number. Make private number whitelist and public blacklist.
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    The one source of spam that really pissed me off was the people who harvest data off of linkedin. I had changed jobs. My new job used my first and last name separate by a dot. They figured out my address from company name and user name on linked in. So I consequently went into linked in and misspelled my name. No more f-ing linkedin spam.
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    and then they'd slam your Discord and LinkedIn and Twitter and whatnot instead.
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    @PublicByte oh wow, I remember that happening. I tried getting rid of Azure spam and it'd crap out on me. I periodically go on a killing spree of sorts to rid my inbox of spam by unsubscribing and blocking from various craplists that I've been added to because they redid their categories and dropped all my settings.
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    So when I’m 90, I see my whitelist be the holy grail of contacts and I’ll never cleaned them up.

    Now that I think about... maybe this slut from 40 years ago might have time...
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