I want to learn front-end and i have offers of two bootcamps.please tell me which is better one-month or frontend-masters.
Note: i don't know anything about front-end

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    Learn one sentence: Don't use commercial resources. I did it the casual freebie way, tested out paid courses afterwards and have to admit that free is the option to go as you can't judge a book based on the cover.

    TL;DR.: Please stick to free resources as you can't judge a book based on the cover.
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    Bootcamps are generally trash, the worst are exploitative trash. You leave with some exercises and whatever you put into studying on the side, and a ton of holes in your skills (and sometimes your budget/salary).

    You get more plowing through js the good parts, html+css, and spending a week studying your framework of choice.

    Also remember that if you need courses and videos to teach you, you'll never be as good as the people who produce and deliver that content. Go deeper.
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