I rejected a 1 year contract offer because of Corona Virus. Their offer was %60 higher than my current package but Australia is entering a recession and I had my doubts about being able to line up a new job next April because of it... Am I too paranoid?

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    Yes. If you have a years time to prepare then you'll certainly have a job lined up given you're based in Sydney.
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    Australia is a pretty hot country, viruses cant survive much UV Light so...

    yes, you are too Paranoid...
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    Recession? Shit ain't that bad yet, it's just hysteria and mass media not helping the situation.

    Although my superfund just went backwards by a few years.

    We are still less than 200 cases of coronavirus and you're calling a recession already 🤷‍♂️

    How has China managed with over 80,000 cases and not blown them selves of the map yet?

    You see the difference in 80k and 200 right? Right?

    You might want to stop smoking the mass media joints for a while.
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    Maybe you guys should follow the markets a bit? At this point it doesn't matter, of Corona is terrifying or a joke - the market *believes* it is terrifying which results in real effects.

    The number of cases is of little relevance - as we all learned since Trump: Perception appatently beats reality.
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    yeah... and too optimistic... your current job security is an illusion. You could just as easily be laid off within the next year as the whole world goes through a recession. Except now you don't have the 60% pay increase buffer you would have had.
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