oh fuck there's no toilet paper i just wanna buy ONE SIX-PACK OF THEM OK

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    Meanwhile, when I went to my local supermarket for some loo roll, they had buy one, get one half price on 9 roll packs of Andrex. So then every fucker is looking at me like I'm a selfish cunt for getting 18 rolls.
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    All the basic food etc and stuff like toilet papers have already been raided in Denmark since the panic started 2 days ago.
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    Toilet paper shortage? Time for keto diet 😆
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    Got two tenpacks at home, and that's already late in the week - not specially hoarded, I always have that much in case I catch some diarrhoea illness like norovirus.
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    I'm so glad I bought toilet paper the day before the panic started. Unlike the people hoarding it, I had actually run out and needed a refill.
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