Have to work from home for at least a few weeks..

i hate working from home..
my team Is all the social life i have. Already miss them after 1 day.

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    "social distancing"
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    Time to make conclusions mate
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    You're obviously extroverted. Introverts will have their best time of life considering most fulfilling moments happen while they're alone. Not saying they hate social contact, that's what shy people do, introverts are literally exhausted after having long conversations and need some time for themselves.

    Extroverts are the exact opposite, they need social interactions and feel lonely after they didn't talk to anyone for a while. Of course, many people are a mix between intro and extroverts.

    I'm nearly completely introverted, quite happy to be the opposite of the social idealism we have here. Needless to say, I'm quite pleased by the fact that they closed schools after experiencing the gained learning boost when I'm in a quiet environment, doing stuff in my own pace, without an annoying, demotivated professor.
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    @PublicByte for less extreme introverts, though, being with friends and teammates is enjoyable. It's only meeting strangers that is discomforting.
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    I hate working from Home for the reasons below

    1. My Workstation setup at Home sucks
    2. I need regular coffee breaks and I don't have a brewing machine. Plus maintenance is not easy
    3. I like walking around while taking breaks. Fresh air does something good to me. And my room has less than 200 Sq. Ft area
    4. Though I'm not perfectly social, I prefer being surrounded by people. Be it for cracking funless jokes, or sharing memes or chitchatting useless office politics. Killing time while waiting for the CI/CD pipeline to do its job
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    @PublicByte u pulled this conclusion out of ur ass
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    @zemaitis the last part is related to my personality ┐( ∵ )┌
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    Besides, calling out someone without constructive justification is useless too. Why even bother? Just downvote me and be done with it.
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