Have to work from home for at least a few weeks..

i hate working from home..
my team Is all the social life i have. Already miss them after 1 day.

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    "social distancing"
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    Time to make conclusions mate
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    @PublicByte for less extreme introverts, though, being with friends and teammates is enjoyable. It's only meeting strangers that is discomforting.
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    I hate working from Home for the reasons below

    1. My Workstation setup at Home sucks
    2. I need regular coffee breaks and I don't have a brewing machine. Plus maintenance is not easy
    3. I like walking around while taking breaks. Fresh air does something good to me. And my room has less than 200 Sq. Ft area
    4. Though I'm not perfectly social, I prefer being surrounded by people. Be it for cracking funless jokes, or sharing memes or chitchatting useless office politics. Killing time while waiting for the CI/CD pipeline to do its job
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    @PublicByte u pulled this conclusion out of ur ass
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