Uni shut down.
So, what's my plan for this unplanned in-house vacation, you ask? Idk. Probably just staying in bed. Maybe bother with finishing all the damn annoying books I've left unread. Yay.

Also, FYI, about 99 years before covid19 broke out, the Spanish flu wiped out millions. We'll be fine. Lol.

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    A person in their 20s or 30s can probably pull through without even noticing or with very light symptoms. The drama is that it can be far more severe for older people or people with complications.
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    Disease-related deaths during Spanish flu, vs disease-related deaths before Spanish flu, per 100,000 people (hint: the spike in the middle is an age group that's been the most affected / weakened by the war). We'll be fine.
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    @kamen or smokers (🙋🏻‍♀️) or those with preexisting conditions that makes them more likely to get pneumonia.
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    @hitko in health questions, yes.
    But economicaly, no.
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    @NoMad hey, you did want a vacation. Mine just ended and look - I get a bonus level!
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    @theKarlisK I did, but I did not mean being quarantined in my own house. Plus, my semester is not over yet. They just switched all meetings to online.
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    @NoMad could be worse, you could be quarantined at a medical center ...
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