Did some math about corona development in germany...
even if we immediately lockdown, the health system will be far overstressed.

we're literally fucked.

but dont believe me, dont believe the rki, go run the numbers yourself and keep in mind, that theres a 2 week incubation period

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    they should be able to up production soon, remember supply is controlled by demand. No one wants to fund a stockpile for it to just sit on a shelf and potentially go bad.
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    i doubt groceries and such are the issue, that likely runs fine for a while.
    however given some sources i talked to, germany has no medical isolation equipment for all employees and barely enough employees to sustain the current situation.
    germany is past the cap already, and will exceed it by a few more orders of magnitude if no radical action is taken with every day.
    germany already reached the point where it likely reaches a >4% mortality across 70% of the population due to stress in the health system within a few weeks
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    @kleopi that just means y'all could be potentially looking to us for it. If there's anything the US is good at it's mass production when given the proper incentive. Our problems generally arrive when it comes time to scale back down.
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    @M1sf3t that would be true if the US doesnt face the same issues.
    currently the us follows a significantly worse path than most of europe.
    cant mass produce without workers.
    but in the US this realization will only first appear in 1-2 weeks, when its too late for containment measures. harsh mitigation will be required when a certain orange dude finally realized tjat its probably a good idea to start with decent containment strategies, not yet thinking about possible mitigation being required ever.
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    @kleopi I saw on the news earlier that they've got some kind of plan rolling out tomorrow that will be pushing out supplies to all our heavily populated areas. I don't know how large the impact will be, but from the sound of it, they had already started the ball rolling on obtaining the supplies a couple weeks ago.

    They've just been too busy trying to lead everyone to believe it would be contained before it got here to mention that they had already started preparing for when it did arrive.
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    Stop being such a bitchboy, find your balls and be man. In times like these provide support and solutions or get fuck out. If really so scared go buy a shovel and start digging holes.
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    @Avimelekh that's a fucking dumb attitude.
    "Hurr, look at me, I don't care about identifying problems therefore I'm macho and strong!"
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    @endor I acknowledge problems but i dont sit around complaining about them. Yesterday I repaired and donated my old computers to families who have children in home study and not enough pcs . Today evening I am delivering food to elderly. What the fuck are you doing to help? Circle jerking with your buddies?
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    Well this time, Merkel's usual style of inaction and indifference will cost lives. But hey, that's what the voters wanted who have been voting her into office for the last 15 years.
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