The whole corona thing has one really interesting side effect to me..

As a person who lost the hope in humanity, I see how some people react to this. They are young and healthy, not really in danger but they actually stop going to gatherings, pubs and cinemas because they don’t wanna endanger the elders and people with preconditions. They actually write shops that they should put the elders first and stuff like that.
It’s great to see that they care about others.

On the other hand there are people publishing fake news and make people believe that their medications make them more vulnerable to the virus just for fun..

I expected the later one and it doesn’t surprise me.
But the first one, that people hold back to protect others, that’s great to see.

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    Not wanting to ruin your mood, but I see enough people bejng shitheads and going to parties anyway, calling it 'quarantine parties'
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