Microsoft buys npm
Am I the only one seeing a tendency of a few big companies (Microsoft, Apple, Google, Yandex, Tencent and 10-15 more) slowly (or not so slowly) acquiring more and more small companies? I hope however that it stays as transparent to the end user; I also hope it even helps, because I hate getting used to a product/service and then the company dropping it because they have no resource and/or interest in supporting it (Google Inbox anyone?)

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    And then mega corporations will take over the world, oh wait they already have
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    Who doesn’t need money Today except of couple digital corporations ?
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    They won't drop npm, they'll just make non-windows, non-azure second class citizens
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    @SortOfTested ah like they did with dotnet core? :P or GitHub? or TypeScript?
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    They're collapsing the runtimes for .Net 5 (just merged mono) so they can do single group control of release and strategy, and they delayed core 3.0 6 months for vs integration parity. We'll see what happens then, it's pretty obvious their play is to make WSL 2 + windows terminal and vs the mainline stack in the name of giving enterprise fops easy buttons.
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    Monopolies gonna monopoly. Move along citizen.
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