unreal: take AAA assets for 10 bucks. unity: here take some community made crap.

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    unreal tutorials and docs: using unreal is easy since everything has buttons and blueprints therefore we don't need to do quality tutorials, documentation or help forums.

    unity tutorials and docs: we know that the difference in good and bad platform is about 70% in the quality of documentation.
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    unreal: you do things MY APPROVED WAY or you don't do them at all

    unity: we're not here to tell you how to code, just to help you save time and complexity while coding, so do it whatever way you want, use or not use parts of our framework and our recommended practices, whatever, do it in any way you want because in the end what matters is that it works as it should and the code looks like you wanted to.
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    unity: a barren, but freeform empty space for you to create your universe in.

    unreal: a golden cage you need to break out from if you plan on doing ANYTHING that the engine creators didn't plan and provide tools for.
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    @Midnight-shcode unity is trying to tell users how to code they just completely switched from monobehaviors to ecs and whatever.
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    @maranatha no, they didn't "switch". they added a new approach which is more suitable than MonoBehaviors (and which people already kinda used via making their own homebrew with similar intention).
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