How can a software developer be too incompetent to send a mail to the correct adresse.
My boss sent one to my private adress, instead of my work adress. I mean I know, autofill, but still second time this happened in one week..

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    Why does he have your private email in the first place? lol
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    @Stuxnet sent him a mail, when I was late. Don't have access to my work mail away from the office and he didn't pick up the phone.
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    I feel you. I once had a guy complain I wasn't responding when he (no idea how), associated my name with a "noreply" address.
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    Hahaha. I remember the shit I forgot to rant about a few weeks ago. The guy from the team who borrowed me gave me shit for not responding to messages. He went on and on about how they added me to the group chat but I'm just ignoring people so he had to answer their queries. I asked what group chat it was, turns out they added some other person on Skype (yes) with the same name.

    I didn't even get an apology, they just laughed about it, but the accusation of me being a snob was amazing. I left the group as soon as I was done working with them.
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    Don't have access to mail out side of office?

    SMTP/IMAP config isn't that hard to type into a phone, and no receiving emails to your phone doesn't make you available 24/7.
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    @Stuxnet another answer could have been that it was the email that was used to apply for the job.

    Why would you send an email for being late? The IM you use sounds like a better medium.
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    @electrineer I have a throwaway email address for that kinda stuff lol
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    @C0D4 I'm aware that works, I just don't have it setup. Also I think it needs to be configured by IT on the SMTP. Plus I don't want it.

    @electrineer IM wasn't an option, otherwise I would've used it obviously.
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