Open my Acer laptop this morning to the Windows 10 "blue screen of forced updates". Patiently wait the 10 minutes for it to finish. Now my touch pad has stopped working. Using the touch screen to get to manufacturer website only to find out that my particular version of laptop isn't supported in this version of Windows 10. Let the googling begin. Thanks Windows 10.

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    Wow! I just commented on Windows killer updates in the previous post before reading yours. So cool!
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    It takes you only 10 minutes?! I takes me over an hour. An hour configuring update when shut down, and then when booting up, another half hour finishing the update,

    then at 95℅,

    "We couldn't complete update. Undoing changes. Blah blah"

    Yet another half hour to wait until windows undoes everything it did last hour.

    Windows really fucked up my computing experience
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    Have you tried turning it off and on?
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    Same here
    After updates
    Two finger scroll breaks then installed synapses driver then bluetooth breaks going back to Ubuntu or 8:/
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    disable the windows update service in computer management
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    Acer fucking laptops. Mine suddenly lost connections to internet and hangs in shutdown.
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