Changes with Java 14 are:

Records is available (preview), a new class java.lang.Record. The java.lang package is implicitly imported on demand, that is, import java.lang.*

The G1 garbage collector now supports NUMA-aware memory allocations.

The ZGC (Z Garbage Collector) is now available as an experimental feature on macOS and Windows.

Improvements to Parallel GC.

The following methods related to thread suspension in java.lang.Thread and java.lang.ThreadGroup have been terminally deprecated in this release.

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    The following methods are missing
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    @asgs https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/brows... - it's the suspend / resume set of methods.

    They were never implemented (I've no idea why they were ever included in the public library tbh) so they're completely useless, but Java provided a very strict binary compatibly policy for years that meant they couldn't be touched.

    That's been heavily relaxed in recent times, so they've now (finally) started the removal process.
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    @AlmondSauce they were included in the initial versions something akin to reserved for future use, but never got the attention

    And stop method must also be removed. It was deprecated sometime back
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    @asgs Fully aware they've been there for decades, but you don't need to reserve method signatures for future use - that makes no sense (and it's not been done anywhere else in the core library AFAIK.)

    Thread.stop() is deprecated because of the potential for leaving threads in an inconsistent state. It's used heavily, and will almost certainly never be removed.
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    @AlmondSauce I wouldn't bank on stop at all, especially considering how Unsafe was removed even though its impact was much widespread and critical for major libraries
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