I am still at the office, doing a completely non-critical job for completely non-critical businesses while the streets look like something straight out of Fallout 4.

Friend: Why do you not work from home?

Me: Because people who care more about money then the wellbeing of the world control everything. Jobs are just slavery with extra steps and the exchange of one's health in exchange for tokens with which to purchase base necessities is just a way to hide that fact.

Friend: I fucking hate our species.

Me: Amen.

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    What country, if I may?
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    @Jilano The Netherlands! Our government has requested everyone that can to work from home, but our employers barely understand the concept of FTP so they are very reluctant to even allow this.
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    @Inxentas Sorry to hear that. Hopefully the government will enforce those precautions in the coming days.
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    @Inxentas which part? Fallout 4 streets seems a bit extreme to be honest.

    Oh then there's the shengen area which has decided to close their external borders. But one can still travel freely if they're an EU citizen. Makes sense right?
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    @Tayo "But one can still travel freely if they're an EU citizen"

    Not true. Some countries have closed their borders except for a few cases. Good luck coming to Lihuania ;) Or Poland.

    Even Lithuanians are kind of stuck while coming back home. There's a group of lithuanians trying to cross Germany-Poland border in order to come back home. Poland does not let them to transit.

    [on a side note they have been suggested an alternative route through the Baltic see / via trains from (Frankfurt?), but these goats are just too stubborn to listen.. but that's another topic :) ]
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    @netikras yeah internally it's a bit complicated atm. What I meant though was me still being able to exit the EU, and return, while non-EU citizens can't do that.

    To me that makes no sense, since you're still letting people through.
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    I may be a filthy capitalist whore, but if I ever start a commune it'd be cool to have the resource distribution done by an AI, just because.

    You're invited if it ever happens.

    Edit: Actually that'd be kinda cool, an open source project to design an AI that distributes resources based on certain facts and constraints

    "humans need x calories per day to survive", "prioritize workers", "prioritize children", "prioritize reducing waste." etc, and let it learn as it goes.

    Then anyone could use it.
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    @Tayo I thought FO4 was the least dready one, but you are right: the reality looks almost clinical. EU commision wants to cancel Schengen for a month but for now yes, but travel is just discouraged. Public transport has been limited but that's a logical adaptation to low demand.
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    @Wisecrack Play Death Stranding. Thank me later!
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