When backend developers do front end work 🤦‍♂️. Everything looks like shit, and so many bugs oh my god.

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    Same vice-versa. :P
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    @kescherRant that’s what I wanted to comment 😄
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    I always go for functionality over looks..
    You want it pretty? Give this to/hire frontend dev or give me a week to change button position 🤣🤣🤣🤣 FML I suck at work on front..
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    @sladuled front end is more than that... Ergonomy is key, not looks.

    But yeah, same vice versa, that's why I keep saying that these are not the same jobs, comparing them makes no sense.
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    Dealing with that right now lol
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    @react-guy Yeah, I know, but I'm 'friends' with functionality & ease of use, the looks on the other hand..that thing..it scares me..
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    I won't lie tho, their backend work is below par as well. I called the whole project a steaming pile of shit. 😂
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    As an aspiring backend programmer, I know for a fact that, given the power or trust to do frontend, Imma put dicks all over the place.
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    As a backend dev, I don't disagree, and I apologize, lol

    I loved when Linus Torvalds even said "If you left me on an island with a laptop and I couldn't leave until I made a pretty UI, I would **die there**!"
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