Idea: So as curvew will be imposed around the world. Would it be a good idea to develop an app that would based on location assign a slot for people to leave the house for an hour a day?

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    How are we going to punish those who disobey?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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    Make for android only, apple users stay locked up
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    @nibor yeah and sell api access to the feds
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    @SnowGuard The police is already patrolling the streets in France to fine people without the mandatory documents/papers.

    @nibor They do like their confined environment, yes.
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    @Jilano O snap! Are they arresting Jehova's witnesses? Thats OK.
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    @SnowGuard it was a reply for the punishment question
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    @SnowGuard We don't really have those, thankfully.
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    @heyheni $10 says someone would hack it and make everyone go outside at the same time and all get ill.

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    in some countries they get thrown in jail if they break quarantine. If they're infected and infect others -> 15 years in the can.

    Which is fucking great as I don't see why others should get infected just because some bitch or idiot can't control their hormones for long enough and get delirium tremens for not "socializing" for 24 hours. Just smoke your fucking pubes if you run out of weed and can't control your oxytocin levels. They're all precious responsible adults but have the brains of 12 year olds.
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    @molaram What about those without pubes?
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    @Jilano dunno. They can smoke someone else's ?
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    I think that would be kinda cool.

    You a backend guy or a frontend guy?
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