A recruiter reached out to me via email and a voicemail. I politely declined and asked not to be contacted anymore. Somehow the asshole ends up in my office and comes up and introduces himself while he is with one of my superiors. He said we "spoke on the phone" (a lie) and he wanted to meet me. Creeped me out beyond belief, regardless for his true purpose of being there (which is still unknown to me).

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    Wow, talk about pushing someone..
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    Holy shit, that's worse than the usual scum that try to contact me. And I thought I was at the bottom of the barrel
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    How the he'll did he learn of your location?
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    @tisaconundrum LinkedIn I'm guessing ๐Ÿ˜‘
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    @DevInTheDetails Wow! That's stalker level!
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    Scary. Get rid of LinkedIn. I deleted my LinkedIn profile six months ago. Never been happier.

    No more spam or pointless connection requests. All my jobs have been through personal connections and networking anyway.
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    Yeah, fuck that guy. Find out who his boss is and tell him how unprofessional and downright creepy he was. The recruitment industry is all about networking. Stain his reputation and others won't want to work with him.

    Bonus points if you can find his boss on LinkedIn.
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