-Sent a proposal to a client in September
-Client's virtual assistant replies this October
-Virtual assistant interviews me through chat
-Every time he asks a question, I reply immediately; when I ask for clarifications on the project, he replies the next day.
-This went on for two weeks
-Finally, the assistant scheduled me for a meeting with the boss.
-Same thing happens. He replies the next day when I ask for clarifications because it appears the assistant is incompetent
-Finally both of them told me I am their guy
-I waited for a few more days for the contract. Nothing.
-I told them nicely, if you don't reply within this day, I'll withdraw my proposal.
-They didn't reply and I went to withdraw my proposal
-When they realized that, they kept harassing me through message saying I'm their guy. Please don't withdraw the proposal.
-Didn't reply and stood by my word

Some freakin clients don't know how valuable time is for developers. Fkn idiots.

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    What, you mean you don't spend all day patiently sat behind the computer waiting for a reply because that client is the most important thing in your world?
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