Day 8 in isolation.
Im lonely..
My brother calls me.
I haven’t talked to my brother in a long time.
He believes that capitalism is the answer to everything.
It sucks to be lonely in my tiny little apartment so I actually Skyped with him today.

After a 3h call I remember why I don’t usually talk to him.

What he’s saying is:
Democracy only works if the vote of rich people is worth more.
The happiness of your people is defined by the amount of money your country has.
Thanks to Corona, the EU, Russia, Afrika and China are gonna be slums. They’ll be poor and without money.
The US is the only country that’s gonna be fine and it’s gonna be the most important country in the world.
Putin didn’t do anything illegal, he stays president because the people vote for him.

FFS, I tried to tell him my opinion on each single one of those statements, he ignored me and kept telling me how it’s the rich people that keep the clock ticking.

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    No brother < asshole brother

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    That's why I stay away from politics and politics-related discussions 😁
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    @netikras + religion
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    @molaram good catch - yes, that one too! Although it's quite nice to have a theological - philosophical discusion with someone who is not a fanatic. They are a _rara avis_, but these people still exist :)
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    @netikras we’re all fanatics if you dig deep enough
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    @M1sf3t I'd rather not invest any time in such person, honestly. Even if he/she has good sides, "that" takes just too much.
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    @molaram I often joke that I'm an moderate-wing extremist.

    "You will have varied and nuanced views dammit, or I'll put a bomb under your car"

    In general though, people pretend to be too much of an expert when it comes to the (global) economy and (geo)politics.

    Taking Putin as an example: If you have lived in Russia for a few years, or have had dozens of meetings with Russian diplomats, your opinion on Putin has some validity to it -- otherwise it's just a copy of whatever news channel you subscribe to.

    I also think that people fail to recognize that listening to & learning from people, doesn't mean you have to immediately agree or adjust your own position.

    There's value in gathering perspectives. You don't have to interrupt people when they say something you disagree with. You can learn from it, without agreeing.

    OP: I hope your brother will give you some space to voice counterpoints. If not, just see it as a challenge to study his fallacies in more detail 🤷‍♂
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    They say you can choose your friends, but not your family !
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    I am absolutely sure you are misrepresenting your brother’s views. I would not talk to such brother like you either.
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    I don't find it hard to believe that his brother is stuck in a certain mindset.

    Over the course of my life I have veered from hardcore "all corporations suck" treehugging socialist to extreme "everything should be privatized & governed by the free market" libertarianism. I've been passionately stubborn plenty of times.

    It's just so easy to get stuck into a mindset with zero nuance.

    When you are in socialist mode, everything has to fit within the socialist framework, regardless of the topic. When you adopt a libertarian mindset, your brain loves to ignore the problems of monopolization and industrial negative externalities.

    You hammer square pegs in round holes, and blame the hole when the solution doesn't fit well.

    People's brains are lazy, and nuance is hard work.

    Nuance requires you to inspect every problem on a case-by-case basis, research all available evidence with minimal bias, and creatively design novel solutions from scratch all the time.
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    > Democracy only works if the vote

    > of rich people is worth more.

    I'm reminded of a retired drug lord I knew, who was telling me that years ago in his country, it worked like that, and as his family was rich, they got lots of votes.

    Nowadays, almost anyone can vote.

    I guess that is why we aren't all rich and retired..
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    nothing changed except now it's not so much rich people but rich corporations.
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    What kind of Bourgoise shit is your brother into???
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    Unfortunately it's the rich people who control everything in society. That's why government's can't get anything done. Bunch of rich people fighting for more money/power.
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    Little apartments and anti capitalist perspectives tend to go hand in hand. 😃
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    @dUcKtYpEd 😄 I could afford a bigger one but I prefer spending my money on nice cars.

    I’m also not anti capitalism, I just think it’s not the answer to everything.
    I like making good money..
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    @just8littleBit im just messing with you. Im by no means a believer that capitalism saves all. Im on the flipside, big house, stupid van full of kids haha
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    My dad's buying into the anti vaxx crap on facebook
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    There are at least three groups of rich folk:

    The sensible nice rich, who will help their fellow man by building a public toilet for example. These are often old money rich, who came into their positions through birth rate, from the days when one of their ancestors was the best in society and became top dog.

    The new rich, through hard work made their money, who are not necessarily aware of their social obligations to help their fellow man, though some do.

    The new new wannabe rich, also known previously as the poor.. Who using any means possible, will claw their way up the top and step on everyone on the way up, and not care about anyone but themselves and their own kind.
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    I notice that too, though I lived in a tiny ghetto for years, it didn't stop me from being mainly a capitalist !

    Interestingly I have noticed when a bunch of folk go from being poor to rich, often they can change from wanting to work in groups and get helped by others who are richer than them..

    To selfish assholes who don't want to help anyone now they are on top of the food chain.

    But I did notice that didn't effect all people, only some countries and cultures.

    People from the UK/USA for example was particularly prone to this bad behaviour.

    Whilst folk from Scandinavian was not.

    I also notice folk from Brazil are also not prone to being badly behaved once rich either, but still want to help their fellow man.

    I dub this the cooperative gene..
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