"And that's it !" - The biggest lie, every framework tries to tell you.

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    Make project x in three simple steps using this framework like so:
    1. Install dependencies
    2. Write some code
    3. Job done! Go home get paid! Wasn't that easy!
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    1. write some code
    2. get paid
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    I thought todo app is their biggest lie.
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    You forgot some points.
    1.1 Failed to load dependencies, 15 npm warn messages and 3 npm errors
    1.2 google the error message
    1.3 Find out that many have problems but no one has your problem
    1.4 Ask on stackoverflow
    1.5 Get the answer "Ask on Github"
    1.6 Ask on Github
    1.7 Wait 2 days
    1.8 Get the answer "Could not reproduce", Bug closed
    1.9 reopen
    1.10 Wait somedays until some one replys "Oh there is a problem with xyz, will be fixed in the next update.
    1.11 Wait again a few days
    1.12 Fixed and working
    2. ...
    3. ...
    4. Find out your client is no more interested in the project
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