I use Windows because I like to use my OS to make stuff, as opposed to being used by my OS to make the OS.

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    Ah shit. Here we go again *grabs popcorn*
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    Okay, have a good day.
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    Okay who asked tho
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    I use Windows to drop things on unsuspecting passersby.
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    Hah. And today I had an offline rant how people can live with such a underwhelming toolbox. I was grepping an output and sls is just nowhere close to grep.

    But in the end, it doesn't matter. I mean Windows? Linux? Mac? It's just where my programs run. And once the program is running, it's merely window decorations.
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    Agreed. That said, silver searcher is what you want if you're stuck on windows
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    I use devrant because I like to watch the OS wars drama unfold.
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    I disagree but I ++'d you because I love drama
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    hahahahahahahahahahahaha... arch kernel.

    Back on topic, I use both Windows and Linux for different things. For now. Debian-based isn't completely working on my desktop, as they have yet to fix the amdgpu canvas overwrite shit when using multi-monitor and if i didn't log in fast enough the workaround stopped working. Also I have the Realtek front-panel bug where one audio device constantly disconnects and reconnects till you set it to AC97, but I can't figure out how to manually do that. Eats up a decent chunk of CPU...
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    I use Linux because I prefer having problems and the tools to solve them as opposed to having fewer (but not by any means less critical) problems without the tools.
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