Is anyone facing micromanagement due to work from home? The calls are happening every hour and feeling more like prisoned, Go corona go!!

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    Don't pick them up, say you were busy actually working.
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    Put that shit on do not disturb and say you were in the zone and didn't even notice
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    My boss keeps sending random shit in the group chat and no one responds to him. This morning, he sent a dumbass article titled "what's missing in your CS degree". He said it's something people can read when bored. When no one responded, he shared it again and said "Interesting?" NO ONE'S BORED RIGHT NOW, WE HAVE TASKS.

    You know what's missing in your CS degree, boss? The CS degree itself, otherwise you wouldn't be the fucking cunt you are demanding for people's attention, you lazy useless piece of shit. We don't have time for that kinda shit.
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    Priority todo lists.

    If its not at the top, you don't do it !

    People shouldn't be calling, they should be sending emails, they are more time efficient !
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    In my normal life, my landline phone has an answerphone 24/7.

    If folk really want me, they can SMS me, and I'll get around to them when I can.

    (Sometimes they die of old age before I do that..)

    Mobile number, I have the answerphone turned off, because folk leave long rambling messages I have to pay to listen to otherwise !

    Email is efficient, but baring in mind I have a backlog of 941,903 unread/unanswered emails..

    Otherwise forums are good, but only the really best efficient ones.

    Member of 3,000+ forums, some take me 10 years to cycle back through..

    Which in some cases, by then are closed !

    So, priority lists, and every few hours, or every day, resort them so important things rise up to the top and less important things sink to the bottom.

    Since you can't do everything. (I once tried to do everything, but had a breakdown.. which included falling asleep from exhaustion on the keyboard !)
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    No, I am not facing this problem, because my boss isn't emotionally insecure. He trusts us, and the time to check on our progress is in our existing scheduled meetings/calls.

    If your boss is doing this, then your boss needs to learn how to manage people.
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    starting from tomorrow. These greedy companies never trust their employees.
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    same here man. damn!
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