Forbes study https://lnkd.in/f4GDPnf shows that there has been a drastic reduction in pollution levels in China during the lockdown period due to Coronavirus outbreak.
I think it can be a pretty good idea to lockdown the world periodically to heal the planet. Here's a petition for the same. If you support the cause, please sign and share at http://chng.it/pxVMSKrmv6

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    This is the most stupid crap I've read... Since years.
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    I will only repeat it once again:
    Polution =/= global warming when we look at it in more depth.
    That decreased emission will decrease the amount of areosols that we emit that decreased the warming effects of greenhouse gases by 50%. Areosols degrade quickly, gases dont. So temp will increase a bit for few months and then it will be back to normal when we recover from it
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    @IntrusionCM So you mean all the vehicular and industrial pollution we hold responsible for degradation of environment is crap. Or the shift in automobiles to electric and hydrogen fuels is crap.
    You know what, no one cares about you care or not because people got to care about a lot of other stuff. Peace ✌️
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    @Gregozor2121 Thanks for the information man. But this petition is not targeting only global warming, but the overall reduction in pollution levels in the world. The vehicular pollution contributes the most among them. And I'm speaking referring the data at many places https://aqicn.org/city/bangalore/. In Bangalore the level of PM2.5, NO2, CO have gone down by 30-40% during the days of lockdown. Much larger difference is seen in other cities as well.
    Air pollution doesn't only affects human health but other species too including birds. O3 and NOx are powerful oxidants that can cause irreversible damage to bird's lungs.
    So yea, its more about overall well being of humans and other species.
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    @princebansal Sorry for being brutal, but your proposal is just another episode of applying a stop gap.

    Of course the emissions went down during corona and a major offender like China having an industrial shutdown.

    But one day per week off would only lead to one thing: Nicer looking statistics - a perfect excuse for people for not changing anything further.

    The "problem" won't be solved.

    And the problem consists of far more than just air and industrial pollution.

    As long as a state prioritizes the income of money over the health of it's citizens, there will be no real change.

    And that's a sad fact. So yes, I think that your proposal is crap - because it doesn't change the root of the problem.
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    @IntrusionCM That's your opinion. Must be respected. But you are speaking on a very broader level. Your statement is similar to the statement that "Everyone in the world should speak truth from today".
    Technically there's nothing wrong in this but practically it's unachievable because it needs an ideal society.
    My proposal is not the ultimate thing or invention, that says if this happens, we're done and dusted. But its an addition over the solution to pollution crisis we face everyday. Today we celebrate World Environment Day once a year. Hardly anyone knows when it comes. I think bringing the issue of pollution crisis in day to day life of common people is how we are gonna tackle it. Still you find it crap? Then I would be glad for some suggestions 😊
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    This is the dumbest shit I've seen recently.

    Do you think anyone gives a fuck about a petition?
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    @princebansal I dont want to deny your point, that situation certenly has benefits, i just want to point out the other side.
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    @PrivateGER I'm glad you had that superlative moment in your life after reading this rant.
    But yea, people do give a fuck about petitions. You should give a read to this https://businessnewsdaily.com/3637-....
    And since this petition is not against any private company, Its more likely to work, coz the target is UNEP and world leaders who already are looking for a solution to pollution crisis. And the mitigation is not possible without the public will and that's where this petition stamps the condition.
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