I hate magento
I hate magento "devs"
I hate people who always cuts down HA vs short times performance


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    i kinda hate magento too, but other than that which one do you suggest?
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    Been developing with magento for about 6 years now or something...

    Magento 1 is crap.
    Magento 2 is nice.

    Nevertheless, always pick the right tool for the job.

    If your client is a hobbyist that sells from his basement, magento is overkill.
    If your client is mid-range, and has the need to attach it's ecommerce logic with third parties, magento is a good fit.
    If your client is very B2B or very large, you might want to consider custom made software.

    Nevertheless, each situation requires a unique approach. Magento in that opinion is like an almost fitting jacket. It does 80% very well, but it's that last 20% that well make you cry and weep.

    Also: invest time in understanding magento, doing your customizations "the magento way", and try to cover as much as possible with automated tests.

    Starting with magento and not following the architectural structure is a recipe for disaster.
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    My client is a quite big shop, with millions of visitors each day.

    When they wanted to move in to our hosting environment we suggested a quite good servercluster with HA, load balacing and caching. (PHP7, Varnish, apache2.4).
    They insisted that they would build their NEW webshop in magento instead of magento 2 (!!!!!!!!) which has excellent support for varnish and php7 - they refused to listen and the devs "did not feel confortable using magento 2 and php7".
    We told them that this is nothing that we would see because of known issues, poor performance etc..

    They have cried over performance issues and cut down on security and redudancy. From 8 servers in a cluster to one big ass server with 64GB ram and 12 cores. They also have MILLIONS of session files and MILLIONS of debug logs with a size of 0 bytes.

    But wait, there is more!
    Log files that takes up 20-30 GB
    Session files is generated every VISIT (!!!FUCK!!!)
    They use PHP 5.5, EOL since July(!!!!!!)
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    I am just providing the hosting enviroment. I am not doing any magneto crap.
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    @Linux sounds like a regular magento setup to me! 😉

    But seriously, why 1.7 and not 1.9 if you're sticking with 1.x?

    And what about when magento stops supporting 1.x altogether in the near future?

    But by the sounds of it I'm sure you already tried to convince them of this.
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    It is like speaking to a dead dog
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    I totally get you! I have to work on Magento. Fuck.
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    A newer magento
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    One of my client using the don't wanna argue with them atm
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    Choosing to say "no" to all magneto related jobs has always worked for me. ; )
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