Classic Wordpress:

1. Find a problem
2. Throw 2 to 6 plugins on the problem.
3. Admit, that they don't fix the problem either.
4. Implement some crappy workaround yourself.

But: It could get worse. You could use Joomla as CMS. Same shit, but without the available mass of plugins.

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    This is why I hate wordpress
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    Plot twist: after you have set up WorsePress so that the client can do content changes himself, which is the whole point of such a CMS, the client decides it's just too difficult. Instead, he sends you the changes so that you update the content, at which point you could have been using an SSG all along - without tons of plugins, security holes and breaking updates.
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    @Fast-Nop True. But I have to admit: I love beeing paid for content updates. Easy money.
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    @HochdruckHummer True, but updating the content in an SSG would be as easy money, and the website would be faster and more secure.

    A major reason why this isn't that popular even for sites where going static would make sense is that it takes a dev to deal with an SSG - but if it also takes a dev to update the CMS content, then it's fucked.
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    😂 I never never work with WordPress.. I did once and that was enough.. I can pull a couple all nighters to create better suitable functionality with some frameworks but CMSs ugh! I keep my distance.
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    Well, imagine having your website in Joomla actually creating users in WordPress on behalf of your Joomla ones and showing user-created WordPress content (created with a WordPress plugin which is an entire can of worms by itself) embedded within Joomla posts... It happened to me. It's a story for a full rant, but yeah.
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