I have coronavirus. Went to ER because I couldn't breathe Sunday night. Thought I was fucked. I decide to try to work a couple hours today because I'm getting restless. I'm an associate and have been on a project about a month. No prior software job.

Anyway. They ask me to clone a repo and run some tests. Cool, I can do that. They give me another example to look at to make sure I'm running the test right. Except the test files aren't attached to the email nor is the path to them provided.

I ping the other associate developer on Skype and ask for the test files and get a passive aggressive response that they're in the email. No, they're not you fuck stick, hence why I'm fucking asking you, and given that I almost fucking died a couple days ago, you should be fucking grateful I even logged on. Motherfucker.

Ok I feel better now.

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    You deserve a break. Take care. ✨💚💐 And get well soon.
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    "I don't see them attached. Have you really sent them? Could it be the company firewall removed them?"

    ^^--- usually works
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    Dunno, "fucking send it you lazy motherfucking fuckstick" just kind of rolls off the tongue. 😆
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    @SortOfTested yeah it does! But it's also a spark for a conflict :)
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    @netikras well he/she started it.

    If someone gives attitude when in the wrong it's ok to be a bit annoyed in response.

    "No they are not. At least check before being bitchy."
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    @hjk101 he started / she started -- that's not a very mature nor professional way of thinking, is it?

    Everyone makes mistakes. And no, I don't think it's okay to give an annoyed response, even in this situation. It's not constructive and it does not add anything good - instead you'll prolly make his/her day worse and he/she will be making more mistakes, which will make more people annoyed, which,,..... It's a slippery slope.
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    @netikras nope that is highly unprofessional. Was ment as a joke. Should have put a 😝 in there to convey the schoolyard tone.
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    @hjk101 oh, okay then :)
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    Don't let this bullshit get on top of your health, you are what is important not a company that doesn't appreciate your efforts. Get well soon and rest up 🙏
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    @netikras this person has a history of being passive aggressive to me asking questions and already threw me under the bus once to the manager by complaining that I ask too many questions even though I'm a brand new developer. This resulted in manager berating me by email with the entire team CC'd. So no, it's not just the person having a bad day, this person is just a bad person.

    That being said yeah never use language like that or "he/she started it" as an excuse to be rude or unprofessional at work. I agree with you 100% there. No good will come of it.
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    @scubatim84 you will find your feet in development soon enough, don't let this jebbend deter you.
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    @raging-coder101 thanks, I appreciate it. Definitely demoralizing but I'm sure there's companies out there with non-toxic learning environments...just have to find them.
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    @scubatim84 tbf you can find a lot of stuff on stackoverflow (often easier said than done thogugh) I started with YouTube videos for the basics and udemy courses, only for references though. Just try not to become dependent on tutorials. L my fave youtubers are Traversy media, and academind with maximilians... Net ninja is awesome too. Happy coding dude.
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    Thanks and agreed! Vast majority of questions I have are stuff I can't find on Google or stuff that is project specific. I've written a 3,000+ loc project solely from googling how to do shit lol. Idk how anything got done before Google and SO.
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    @scubatim84 They shouldn't be making you work while in quarantine (I assume).
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    Hope you're okay man, best of luck.
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    Yeah getting better now, was just kind of sketchy when this happened, because I started to get better then got worse. Weird virus. Was my choice to work though, felt fine, so didn't expect symptoms to act up later that day.
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