Facebook phasing out old instagram API made my life so much more fun. Now, to get a feed OW MY OWN ACCOUNT'S POSTS that I could filter by tags I need to go through two layers of authorisation - and then still go through ridiculous hops to get those goddamn tag lists. JESUS CHRIST. I hate Zuckerberg and I wish him a rusty guillotine when the time will come.

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    they replaced it with a much shittier API (which is only useful for these "print your instagram photos" machines in malls) in order to promote their official client
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    I don't understand why they wouldn't even leave a basic, basic functionality of just displaying YOUR OWN FEED on your website. They have this embed function now - THAT WORKS ONLY FOR SINGLE POSTS. Why not feed?

    Also Basic Display has request limits that depend on how many users generated tokens. Which means that if you have a personal website with your own, custom-built feed that will have a bigger load, you... need to add as many testers as possible. Literally. Each tester gives you 200 more requests per hour. What the fuck somebody who came up with this idea was thinking???
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    @msdsk they probably did it to force everyone to give up their own websites and switch to Orwellbook

    EDIT: I hope that one day they accidentally impose that request restriction on themselves
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