*company introduces no overtime pay during coronavirus*

"I've hit my monthly hours so what we doing for the rest of the month?"

Boss: "basically, we thought you could work for free" 😂 😂

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    I mean, I do like the idea of overtime pay. Never had it, but I like the way it sounds 😆
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    @SortOfTested overtime pay... it's like those developers that are also experts at ui/ux design too... Rare-to-non-existent.
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    The fair solution would be to either pay overtime whenever the agreed upon weekly/monthly work time is exceeded or to stop having Work hours in contract and pay based on actual workload. The second option is ridiculous so I think the only fair solution is the first one.
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    That's a breach of contract.
    You agreed to sell your time and workforce for x amount of money, with some extra. Everything beyond that you did not agree. And thus you should not have to work for the rest of the month if they don't pay you. Go and read your contract carefully.
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    Don't say that too loud, Tories will make zero hour contracts mandatory.
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    My workweek is already 75-90 hours. Getting paid for all the hours sounds great.
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    @SortOfTested in my country Customs would have raided the company long ago.
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    You live in a better place than I 😋
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    @SortOfTested i dont live in country with a mad orange. Only with lobbyists as ministers(Scheuer, maas, glöckner, spahn)
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    are you serious?? did your boss actually say that???
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