The Sorry State of Web programming (and who should be punished for it)

"And if you’re really lucky, and your following grows to scientology-levels of fanaticism you may get your own con. Yes con. Like DockerCon, or JsCon, or LongConJs, because thats exactly what all this is — and it’s exactly what we need: more excuses to meet up for the already sterile pollination of bedfellows, the unwashed, unvarnished masses of guys in their 30s, obsessively stroking their perfectly manicured beards and arguing over the comparative differences between vim versus emacs while completely oblivious about things like how you’re supposed to wear an undershirt with your button up. If not for hackathons, and ted talks, and sxsw, and conferences, and SomethingCons, and ‘retreats’, and dozens of other pointless synonyms for ‘people just meeting up’, most of us would still be in our cubicle, office, or room, typing away instead of socializing like normal people."

Full post here because I like to insert pictures because like all normie fucking simpletons I like pictures in my books.


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    What a cool article that i wont read because medium displays like 5 lines of actual content at a time
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    You reading on mobile?
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    @yellow-dog I FEEL your pain.

    I'm reading on a razr.

    No not the new ones either.

    I'm talking the *original*.

    I wrote a java applet to grab the webpage curl-style and display the main text.

    Okay I'm bullshitting but I don't like being outclassed when it comes to my masochism!
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    I loved that phone so much. I guess I'm not the last remaining flip phone fan.
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    A good old rant me likey. Is Medium still a dev place to be though, I thought all the cool kids moved to dev.to
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    @webketje i like dev.to more but it can be just as crap and full of biased shit just as well.
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    Which is why I'm not on dev.to.

    Plus this article was posted ages ago, I just updated the post and decided to post it here because I thought some of you might enjoy it.
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    @Wisecrack I did like the article tho! I think it was a good read(an honest and correct one too)

    I think you nailed it right in the head when you touched upon the many dependencies and the bs surrounding the Javascript ecosystem to be all about name dropping. Certain things were necessary if you aks me(like Express) but a lot of things sure as shit are not in the entire Node/JS ecosystem. As much as I enjoy it, it is that same circlejerk of nested dependencies what had me look into other more sane domains.

    And to be perfectly honest, PHP and Go fit that bill for me very well. Wonder how you would like how things are in Golang.
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    I see a rant about web bullshit, I ++. ^^

    What really strikes me is how much good KISS engineering went out of the window and was replaced with some Goldberg approach. When some tool is supposed to make things "easy", what it often does instead is making things more complicated, fragile, slower, high-maintenance and often even insecure.

    Pulling in code from all across the internet written by random strangers is really odd. None of that can be reviewed, people have no idea what code will end up in the product after the build, and there's no way that shit will even build 5 years from now.
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    "there's no way that shit will even build 5 years from now."

    5 years?

    More like 5 months.
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    @Wisecrack Yeah and that's then somehow "easier" if it generates a lot of work although no actual changes are even intended.
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    @Fast-Nop React has a ton of excellent examples of solutions that only exist due to the framework's biases : React "portals" https://reactjs.org/docs/..., React "onclickoutside" https://npmjs.com/package/..., React "Function as a child pattern" https://reactpatterns.com//....

    In plain JS that would be resp: unrestricted dom access, delegated events, and a callback argument, all of which are available by default. In fact the "render prop/ function as child pattern" in React is regarded as anti pattern in mithriljs, another vdom library.
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    @webketje I don't doubt that big, complicated projects may need a deeper architecture. What I doubt is that the average website really needs it.
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