My 4yo monster just randomly told me:
"Mommy! One plus two plus three plus four plus five equals fifteen!"

I'm so proud.
And really surprised 🤔

I've been teaching him basic math (adding and subtracting numbers 0-20), but haven't gone beyond two operations / three numbers.

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    And here I am searching for a calculator to verify weather it's actually fifteen.

    I know, I'm not proud of my existence too.
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    He sounds like a smart little boy.

    congrats and well done 😊
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    [overclock successful]
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    @M1sf3t this is me, all through elementary and high school Math was always my subject; Algebra being my favorite.

    Then college hit me with higher Maths and I quickly reality checked. What was even more annoying was that I had classmates that were actual geniuses and breezed through the subjects.

    But no, wasn't jealous at all. I'm still friends with those stupid fart-faces.
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    @pythonInRelay #random post is #random 😕
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    he's got that function mindset. algebra and calc are gonna blow his mind
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    @ParkCity Just like mommy 😊
    Calc is 💙!
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    Happy Mothers' Day @Root !
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    @melezorus34 Thank you! 🤗
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    @Root Agree! I've only started to get into calc, and i'm loving every second. who knew so much of algebra had to be derived from this stuff???
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