How about this..
So a few months ago there's this guy
He coughed.
He did nothing else.
He did not cover his mouth.
He did not even do it in his elbow.
He just did it.
He did it at a fish market in china..
And now today as the world is grinding to a hault I just hope he is satisfied.

So anyway trapped at home. Nothing to do. Its cold today. Got to reduce the fan speeds on that rigs and bump the power a bit. There not so cold now :)

Ok on a serious note that coughing idiot is to blame for this cold.
One ICE AGE coming up. Global warming fans hold on to your chai. This one is a shocker..

So it turns out shutting down the world have caused CO2 levels to drop as cars dont drive and factories dont work and all the powerplants suddenly find people no longer want more power.
Thing is plantd are addaptive and they enlage the pores on the underside of thier leaves depending on the CO2 levels.
So the plants been running at 100% eat CO2 for a while now.
Then CO2 supply drop to lowest in 100 years.
Plants still eating CO2 at 100% so they did not get memmo yet. CO2 now getting used up faster than being made. Greenhouse no more.
Polar ice caps nows your turn.
First up south pole winter is coming your way.
It will freeze ice cap bigger than past 100 years. The ice will sit there making earth lobsided with all the ice on one end and none on the other .
Lobsided earth is a spinning ball
Lobsided balls change how they spin
The rotation of earh now affected by a cough.
In 6-8 months winter goes north.
CO2 all but eaten up by then. World still rather dead as the afternath is felt.
Northen poler cap freeze all the way to london again. First time in 5000 years.
All because of a bloody cough.

Its the end of the world as we know it and here i am waiting for unreal to complie just like usual..

So remember dont cough near others if someone cough near you then tel them to
Far cough

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    I think you're exaggerating just a little bit…
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    I think Mammoths are cute
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    Germany had 52% regenerative sources in their powermix in this week. 25 years ago the big energy companies warned that 10% would cause europewide power outages.
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    > @SomeNone google it

    And that will guarantee truthful and unbiased information?
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    @SomeNone its like when you look at a page of complex code. Its all there to look at. Some will see it for what it is. Others will frown and will not get it. You could tell them to google it, but no matter how many times they do. Chances are they just will not be able to join the dots if they dont realize the dots is there
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    @stop That number looks impressive, but it's only refererring to electricity, which is 20-25% of the total energy consumption because traffic and heating are mostly not done with electricity.
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    @Fast-Nop it was about the 10% vs. the 52%.
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    @stop 25 years ago, that would probably have been true because there were a lot less fast-reacting gas power plants and more slow-reacting coal and nuclear ones. Also the long distance, high DC voltage interlinks were not as powerful as today.

    Plus that today, we have software that can predict how much wind and solar will be there so that the other power plants can even be operated based on forecasts.
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    @Fast-Nop the funny thing is: the things work only a bit more efficient, the power grid is nearly the same as then. The most problems are generated, because the coal plants are too slow, most of them are the reserve, because they are so slow. You need an half day to get a reserve coal plant to 40-60%. An nuclear plant needs weeks. Wind plants are from 0 to maximum in minutes, they only need to loose the break.
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    @Fast-Nop its harder to build a wind farm today than 25 years ago.
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    @stop Wind power as backup doesn't make much sense because you need backup precisely for cloudy winter days without much wind.
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    @Fast-Nop the coal plants stand still vor years, litterally. They arent even used., because wimd and gas are faster.
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    @stop Still, you need backup when there is no wind and sunshine.

    Also, it's downright wrong that coal power hasn't been used in Germany for years. Otherwise, the coal exit would already be achieved, right?
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    @Fast-Nop the biggest stopper is the coal industry.
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    @molaram Kinetic energy and lifting energy are unsuited. If you calculate how much energy a giant spin wheel or concrete block lift could store, that's just nowhere near what's needed.

    Pump storage does work, but you need a suitable geography, which Germany doesn't have, and the availabel locations are already used for that. Chemical like electrolysis has an abysmal efficiency.

    Germany has already about the highest electricity prices in Europe both absolute and relative to income because that fossile/renewable redundancy costs money.

    With full storage, the electricity problem would be solved at once because it would become unaffordable for people. It's just that people won't vote for parties with such ideas.
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    @stop Well yeah, switching off nuclear, OK, switching off coal, OK, and on silent winter nights or cloudy, windstill days, electricity just comes out of the wall power plug. Powered by French nuclear power plants.
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    @Fast-Nop for that we have gas and hydroelectric stations. And if at the north sea has an hour without wind, its a wonder.
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    @stop Hydroelectricity is pretty irrelevant in Germany because we don't have Norway's geography and Norway's small population.

    Gas power in that scale would make the electricity prices go through the roof, and if everyone does it, the finite gas reserves would be empty pretty soon.

    At the end of the day, there will be no industrial society once the fossiles are depleated. It's as simple as that.
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    @molaram A doomsday scenario is highly unlikely. It will rather be a steady decline - which in fact has already begun. The current young generation is the first in decades who will do worse than their parents.
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    @molaram That might be one day, but it has nothing to do with our present. Obviously, our numbers will go down considerably once the fossile party is over - but that's not extinction, just cutting off the overpopulation.

    I'd guess that more than about half a billion people world-wide isn't sustainable in the long run, that would be about what we had in 1650.
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    Forget all that noise.

    What are you making in unreal?
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    Only thing i made in the past week thats not under a NDA is a card deck shuffeler in blueprints.
    It builds a array for the deck. Have another array for in play,and another for returned.
    Each card also have variables about its number,its suit. If its royals or not. And its color as well as its value in blackjack.

    It started off as a quick blackjack setup. But i ended up making a modular deck that can be used for any card game. Also have a bunch of extra functions that keeptrack of where a card goes and have the deck only on server and only the exposed cards get replicated to all and player also only recieve his own hand and the rest is all server. I did it this way so even if someone cracks thr local database then there still are no way to know what the next card will be unless its actually drawn. Made it secure just in case they want to monatize it someday.

    So I'll make it with blackjack and with poker and then release it to unreals marketplace
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    nah its unreal blueprints
    That as easy to work with as joining the dots
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