Had to set up a VM inside a VM for class.

Also got my first ever BSOD

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    Were you trying to vm your way back to the host or enter the VmCeption?
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    @C0D4 it's the shit fest known as online classes.

    It would have been a single VM on a laptop in class but we're not allowed to have nice things atm so this is what we're reduced to.
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    I had once setup windows vm on mac so I can run docker on it which also runs in VM. Was hell, had to try 3 different softwares, because VBox didn’t support nested virtualization on intel cpu, parallels didn’t supported it in trial version, ended up with vmware trial version, where it actually worked.
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    Do you have to use a win-vm?
    A linux-vm would have done the job just fine.
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    @metamourge it was specific scenario, I just wanted to check if docker setup works on windows, so my colleagues could use it too.
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    o.o? I run docker on a Mac fairly frequently. I guess there was a time where docker didn't run on Mac. TIL
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    @corscheid Docker on Mac/Windows runs in a VM (HyperV on windows and the builtin one on Mac). It's very transparent but there is still a VM layer there because Docker is heavily dependent on Linux features (cgroups, namespaces, etc.) that will probably never be implemented in other operating systems.
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    @djsumdog I was wondering about that. The information I saw was just saying it's all done using namespaces or something. This made me think it runs practically natively on Linux and possibly Mac? and that there must be something extra to get it to work on Windows. I still have loads to learn about docker.
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