WiFi’s acting funny— certain websites are not loading. Probably some DNS resolution error. How do I fix this ?

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    Switch your device DNS to something other than your routers, eg.,
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    Sacrifice someone to Satan. Works every time 66.6% of the time
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    Change DNS server

    Flush your dns cache

    Use something like dnscrypt to be able to lookup DNS entries from multiple sources.

    If none of that works, jump on a vpn and see if it's your isp blocking it in the first place?
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    If all fails , try a VPN, usually works
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    Might not be ISP blocking necessarily - could be that ISP is failing under corona load.
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    Try to be even funnier to your wifi
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    @theKarlisK isp has corona virus
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    @electrineer I got a 12€ Noctua 120mm "ventilator". Will it work on ISP-san?
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    Did you try restarting your router?
    Empty DNS cache.
    on windows it's ipconfig /flushdns
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