Anyone gotten as far as being furloughed or getting a wage cut yet during the lockdown? What is the safest way to navigate the waters as a dev if one should be presented with this circumstance?

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    There is some Indian dev on here complaining about management slashing his wages by 50% if he works from home.

    I've seen a few other devs complain about cut hours, some about being out of work entirely (freelancers).

    As for advice... it really depends on your employer.
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    Husband will probably take a 10% cut soon. He's on the top end, so he's not really a furlough candidate.

    What to do, like Root said, depends on your employer and where you are. Read your unemployment laws and determine what kind of hit you'll take, and what your side gigs will cost you.
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    I'm on a 4 week furlough. Reduction is coming hopefully I'm safe.
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    All increases suspended. Some removed retroactively back a couple months. My wife's hours cut, but she works in a hospital and they scaled back temporarily in anticipation of a lot of extra shifts required soon. Can't complain. Extraordinary times.
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    Friend of mine was "voluntold" to take a 10% cut. I'm ok for the moment at least.
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