Quarantine, WFH and sleep combo is really not working out for me.

I'm unable to sleep. Therefore I'm wide awake at 4AM, but will sleep for 12 hours when I eventually manage to fall sleep. But then, I have meetings tomorrow and won't be able to sleep all day.

Overall, fuck covid.
Thank you for listening.

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    The first two weeks I was on spring break (original week, plus a week of cancelled classes so the profs had time to transition to Zoom university).

    By the end of that two weeks I had basically shifted to a full on night shift lifestyle lol. Sleep from like noonish to 10pm, do my homework from like 3 to 6 am, go get my groceries at 7, have a little me time before clocking out after lunch.

    I thoroughly enjoyed it, tbh. Aside from never being able to play video games with my friends for more than an hour or so, it was great. Never got distracted by friends texting me while doing homework, grocery store was guaranteed to be nearly empty whenever I went, etc.

    Wasn't the healthiest, but it was enjoyable
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    It's horrible.

    My kids have been home since covid... kids + coding is a horror I wish on no one.
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    My sleeping pattern is all screwed up. I'm frequently up until 4. I have a morning meeting at 10 every day. I have taken multiple "sick days" over the past few months that were just "I stayed up until sunrise please don't bother me" days.

    WFH is destroying my focus and my ability to sleep. Can't wait until the office reopens.
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    On working days (WFH), I get up at 0700, as always. On other days, it's between 0800 and 0900. Also, I ensure it's no less than 7 hours of sleep.
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    I sleep like a baby since I ended project and have nothing to do. Work is overrated.
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    I've been convinced I'm actually nocturnal, and socially pressured into being awake during the day. Trying to wake me up in the morning is not a pleasant experience for whoever gives it a go. Staying awake and alert throughout the day? Body says no.

    9pm hits though and body says "Hey, you're up! Let's start an 8 hour shift on your side project!"

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    @AlmondSauce I know that feeling; same shit over here.

    now try to convince your boss, that you are more productive during night hours - infuckingpossible with those "flexible working hours".
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    To all of you : I'm not even productive at night hours. My most productivity is when I get up between 6 and 7 in the morning.
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