Lockdown diary:
I have now become addicted to Earl Grey.

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    Yasss. Add melk and vanilla. Make London fog.
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    I love Maple Syrup in my tea with a hint of cardamom. 🤤
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    There are a lot of varying coffee spices which go very well with tea, too.

    Cardamom, Cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, vanilla powder, ... are some common ingredients.

    Fucking love it
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    Try Constant Comment next. it's like an upgrade
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    oh there are many tea varieties that is a step up from earl grey.

    One of the most expensive tea is Da Hong Pao Tea.

    very interesting tasting i find is the Pu'er tea. It's pressed and fermented for 20 years and usually comes in a cake form.

    or orange stuffed tea 🤤
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    @heyheni Recently I've been witness to a first date in my favorite teahouse where a hardcore fan ordered Pu'er. I'm fairly certain there wasn't a second one.
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    Pu'er is great, but the smell and taste are suspiciously similar to that of horse shit.
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    Jasmine 💚
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    Has this friendly statement turned into a tea-lover meeting?
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    tea lovers are like crows; we hear someone talking about tea and we come in packs.
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    If you like to try tea directly from the a japanese tea plantation, have look here.
    d:matcha Kyoto Tea
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    @Root I actually like it. It's hard to explain why, and it definitely isn't to everyone's taste, but for those who like interesting teas the fact that it's similar to horseshit is less repulsive than intriguing.
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    @Lor-inc it's more sweaty horse saddle taste than manure. And with lemon juice and sugar pu'er it's really nice. Very earthy black tea.
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    @heyheni Earthy is a nice word, never heard it before. And I've never tasted it with lemon, but I'll definitely try as soon as I get to buy tea again.
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