Sorry, long since my last post...

I have quit my job recently at DERP & CO.. The level of anxiety was already somewhat of medical severity.

For months I had been in a project that not only did not progress, but that it was getting worst day by day.

A bit of Context

November: "Dev, junior anon needs you to help him on the SHIT project because they are running out of time, it is mainly doing unit tests."
Well, the code was a mess, there was a LOT of copy paste and it was all bad quality (we talk about methods with complexities between 80 and 120 according to SONAR QUBE).
Dev: "Anon, you know this is wrong, right?"
Anon: "Why? it works"
Dev: after long explanation.
Anon: "Oh well, yes, from now on I will take it into account." And he did it / try his best.

Dev does the unit tests and do extra work outside of the reach of the sprint (y than i mean work after hours, classic) and alerts the boss of the mess.

December: After a project of approximately 6 or 8 months of development, the boss discovers that the junior anon have been doing everything wrong and/or with poor quality (indicating that throughout the whole development the quality of the code was NEVER checked nor the functionality).

Boss: "This is a shit. Dev, you have to correct all the errors and warnings marked on sonar", which are around 1200 between smelling code, high risk errors, etc.

Dev fixes something like 900 bugs... lots of hours...
Boss: "This still is all wrong, we have to redo it. We will correct the errors leaving something stable and we will make a new repository with everything programmed as it should be, with quality and all"
- 900 corrections later, now are irrelevant -
Boss: "Dev, you will start to redo it, anon is out on other project. First you must leave the existing one working properly"
Dev: "ok ..."

January: How can I correct the mess if the client asks for more things. I am just fixing the mess, doing new functionalities, and when I have free time (outside the work) I try to advance the new repository, poorly I must say because burntout.

Boss: "Everything should be arranged at the end of January, so that you can redo everything well in February."
I can't handle everything, it starts to fall further behind. Junior Anon quits the job.

February: Big Bad Bugs in the code appear and practically monopolize the month (the code is very coupled with itself and touching in one place sometimes meant breaking other stuff).

Boss: "It can't be, you've been with this since January and you haven't even started correcting this mess in the new repo"

Dev: "It is that between the new things that are requested and the bugs I cannot put myself with that"
Boss: "Do not worry, you will be helped by random dev if you needed. SPOILER ALERT: random dev is allways bussy. Not made up bussy, He had a lot of work by itself, but it can't help me the way I need it.

High anxiety levels, using free time to try to reduce the work left and gradually losing the taste for develop.

March: So far, not only do they add new things day and day, but now they want to modify things that were already "ok", add new ones and refactor everything in a new repo. I just did not see an end of this nonsense.
Dev breaks, the doctor says it's anxiety, so I just know what I have to do.
Dev: "I quit my job"
Cool Manager: "Damn, why?"
Explain everithig
Cool Manager: "Do you want to try if I can change you to other project or anotjer scope on the same project?"
Dev: "Thanks, but no Thanks. I need to stop for a while".

End. sry for long sad post and maybe poor use of English (?) Not my native language.

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    @sweetnothings hard with this isolation issue, but sure
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    I really miss my irish pub and a cold pint of guinness with friends.

    But rightnow idk what to do. What can do to Improve my skills, what I prefer to do. Is this thing (developing) my thing?

    - In addition, the boss was also an expert in pointing out "You should know this" or "but this is wrong, and you did it this way because you did not know what you were doing"

    "Sure, you put me on a project in a language that I don't master, that the code is broken, the business logic is not known because remember, from 6 to 8 months of development, to which I dedicate easy 12 hours a day (which It is counterproductive in case some novice is reading, nothing like this is achieved) and I also have to take time to learn everything on the fly 100% If this is the case, it is not my thing.

    Just a "fun" thing: Boss still thinks in GIT commit changes actually upload to the remote repo the changes. And it is irrelevant the documentation.
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    @rutee07 Thanks!
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    Hit the scotch and whiskey 🥃
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    Good job on making your life better. Your boss sounded like a pinche pendejo. Sucks people like that fail upwards 🥃
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    One of the most important things a dev must learn is wielding the word "no" long before burnout.

    If that gets you fired, so what? You would either get fired or leave anyway, and on top of that have a burnout which makes starting in another company more difficult.
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    Worst guy in this case is the junior who fucked up everything and left you struggling. Your boss is also retarded leaving you alone taking care of everything. He even managed to blame you and pressure you. Given the high demands and complexity developer should never go through this shit alone, and you my friend sounds like were left alone and no one had your back. Try recovering from burnout, fix your nutrition. Next time dont take everything on your shoulders, life is too short and this is just a job. There is a lesson to be learned here. Work should not become your life.
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    @zemaitis I want to add, In defense of junior annon, that nobody knows everithing when is statrtig. Anon quit more or less because the same reasons I did.

    He did not chose to get out of the project, Boss told him that.

    The problem (In my opinion) was use the junior as something he was not (a senior, alone in the developing prpcess). And he was left alone like me. until the very end he did not get help.

    I worked with him a bit and if you expend some time explaining things to willing juniors they actually learn things.

    I am Junior as well despite I have 3 / 4 years of experience. And this project needed supervision for both: project status and profesional development of the junior. By the great <deiety>, we use *scrum* and no one check anithing!?

    So we fail to mange the junior too and burntout him as well as me.
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    @Fast-Nop If I just see this truth a few months before...
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    what of I told you repositories and templates/scaffolding are just copypasta with more steps?
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