I have to reimplement a couple of complicated OOXML parsers (docx, pptx, vsdx, etc). Actually, I’ve implemented them in Python ~5 years ago but now I have to improve them and add support for nested/embedded formats and some other stuff. As you could expect, none of the OOXML validators are valid themselves, so it's better to have an MS product installed locally, just to get reassured that everything works fine and the parser produces the format that's recognizable by M$.

So I’ve bought a key on eBay (yep, I’m not paying full price for this shit: release valid validators first, bitches; don't make me buy things I don't need). The key is valid, everything is fine. But no, you just cannot have a link to download this fucking installer, no-no-no-no. We won't give you a link until after you enter a key. FEEL DEPENDENT. OBEY.

But I digress. Here's their MANUAL about DOWNLOADING the INSTALLER:

So, what's wrong with it? Oh, just a minor misunderstanding. They always give you a link to download an exe-installer. Even if you use Safari.

Why everything is so fucked?

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    Ahahah. Also, they pass the product key in GET. Sweet.
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    Bc Microsoft.

    To some degree you're off the reservation, but I feel you. Microsoft's recommended open xml development pathway is to use the openxml sdk. And windows, and office. All of which is the personification of pain.

    When the community tried to contribute a cross-platform version, the dev team for the SDK showed no interest, and eventually told them to get lost: https://github.com/OfficeDev/...
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