I have been a developer for a few years and I think I know my shit. Fullstack. I took 2 interview tests recently and received rejections that have completely killed my confidence. I don't want to apply to any new jobs because I am terrified after all these years, I am not as good as I think I am. I have been a dev for about 8 years now when will I be badass 😭

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    Just because you got rejected doesn't mean you're bad. Maybe there was just someone who was better. It could be someone who had 15 years of experience for example.
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    I think it was uncharacteristically grown-up of those companies to give you any actual notice that they would not be moving forward with you. The default I've seen is that they completely ghost you.

    But don't let it get you down. There are a thousand reasons why they might decline, and I'm certain that none of them are, "that candidate was as noob."
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    @Creep thank you. 15 years is defz someone I would also tip my hat for.
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    @bahua I agree. I thought it was really cool I heard back. I have been ghosted many times and the feeling was just as face slapping as this. I will however continue to hone my craft.
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    Being rejected is no indicator of skill. It usually translates to "you're not a good fit". Following criteria may cause this:
    - Your skills don't align well enough with company needs.
    - You excel at what you do technically, but miss other basic skills (social skills for example).
    - You're too good, and possibly too expensive as a result.
    - You're incompetent.
    - Whoever runs the HR/company is incompetent.
    - Competition provided a better alternative.
    - Unforeseen circumstances don't allow for a new team member.

    Don't hammer yourself down. After 8 years, you should have the experience to be useful anywhere in your domain.

    The Corona-shenanigans take a toll on everything and everyone. And if it isn't Corona, then it is a market crash or anything else that create unfavourable odds.

    In the end, all is a dice roll. You just rolled twice in a time where the bar is set very high.

    Good luck.
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    Most likely it has nothing to do with your skills or years of experience or your soft skills or your work ethic and drive. Even if you have all the things that you think they want, plus more, it won't get you the job. Consider if the job is even real in the first place. Sometimes companies will interview candidates for reasons other than hiring. Even going through an agency doesn't guarantee the job is really legit or fully approved yet. You can ask questions and read between the lines in interviews and discern if they're really hiring or just wasting your time.
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    "Consider if the job is even real in the first place. Sometimes companies will interview candidates for reasons other than hiring."

    I'm thinking that should probably be illegal. It costs time, money, gasoline, and other factors for every 'candidate' and theres no way in many cases to distinguish whether the ad for the position is real just from reading it.

    It's a form of false advertising, or worse, straight fraud.
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    Take it easy, I guess it's part of the growth process, I hope you will get a better job soon :)
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    Okay everyone in the comments madee feel less like a loser and I did not/will not take it for granted. Thank you👆
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