Hey guys - I hope everyone is doing very well as always - I'd love to know , on My Ubuntu is it possible to make modifications of my system through Code? - Perhaps i need to download the part I'm interested in making modifications to? any suggestions or recommendations you'd make as to how you would do that? thank you all once again!

Or maybe its not such a good idea for a beginner to be doing such things?

Cheers! <3

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    Probably, I'm not that knowledgeable on this, but you can practically download all the source code from the open-source programs you use, modify it and then build the software yourself and start using it
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    @alexbrooklyn Ah i see - i appreciate the kind response mate :-)
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    If you want to customize the codebase of a linux-distro, maybe don't start with Ubuntu.
    Ubuntu, like all Debian based distros, is very organically grown, meaning it developed over a long time and drags a lot of bloat.
    Maybe go for a younger, more slim distro like Alpine or void.
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    @metamourge I see - and also thank you for the kind response :-) - though i often see people saying that i'm able to make changes to the software that ubuntu comes with? for example maybe the control panel at the top of the screen :-)
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    @KingMilo Sounds like you just want to customize your desktop?
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    @M1sf3t Yes sir absolutely :-)
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