The things that make me wanna hate React Native is that the project folder becomes so BIG, makes it so hard to remove the whole project folder, including node_modules.
I really hate Dart but liking Flutter only because the project folder - along with the necessary code gets created pretty faster than React Native. On the other hand, React Native takes ages to load all the node_modules.
So, I'm asking the experts here, who have worked in both frameworks, should I leave RN and go for Flutter?
Cause, I don't wanna waste a handful of time every time just to create a RN project.
If I should stick with RN, please tell me a way so that I don't have to waste the time just to create a RN project.

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    React Native is native, so mobile performance will be upped. It's also pure js, that is why node modules are so large and projects so big
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    @shoop care to elaborate before I go into keyboard warrior mode?

    Is it all native? Partly native?

    *insert « You Keep Using That Word » meme*
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    React native has a native rendering runtime, that uses a "bridge" translation layer to translate JS instructions and react components to native UI. Similar to other technologies like nativescript.

    Tl;Dr it has a jit transpiling runtime.

    This differs from Cordova/similar backed apps which render the UI in a web view and provide hooks which allow js instructions to call for native functionality by proxy.
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    Just use flutter
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