When I was just starting with programming I used to google a lot (more) of my problems. But just just copying them made me feel guilty, since I could not handle the problem myself. So I decided to analyse a code to the point where i understand exactly how it works. Sometimes it took me a couple of hours to understand a method, which was written 1 or 2 levels over my current level, but it was totally worth it. I learned a lot about Java, how to write cleaner code in general and how to read and understand code quickly.

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    StackOverflow will be forever in our Mechanical Human Programmer Hearts!
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    Stopping and analysing the code is the difference between CPDD and proper engineering work. You learn how it's working and the next time you have to do something similar, you don't have to stackoverflow it. 🙂
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    @zfor stackoverflow is now a verb. Like google.
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    I'm a noob and I use SOF myself. Never copy pasting though, I get an idea and give a go myself. Very helpful when im not sure where to start.
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    @SweetHuman if we use it often enough it gets one
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