Dear discord.

Instead of having a login button that takes me to "claim your account", how about you let me actually fucking LOGIN with my motherfucking account I already signed up with?

This is like basic-bitch UX feedback.

How the fuck did you fucking incompetents fuck up this bad?

God damn if I ain't done with bad fucking UX.

It's 2020. Could you motherfuckers idk, do your actual fucking jobs? Or are you all busy over at discord home office looking at cat memes and fisting each others prolapsed cunts like a bunch of fucking jackasses?

Jesus fucking christ it's like I woke up in fucking clown world, where every company thats successful is run by people more incompetent than me. Fix your fucking shit discord.

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    Worse is, I'm *already* fucking logged in. Opening the link for a discord chat asks me for a username, instead of giving me a login prompt.

    Listen, if I can't chat in the motherfucking room "without having a verified account", dont 'helpfully' let me create a temp account to begin with, especially when I'm ALREADY fucking logged in another tab with a verified fucking account.

    Wouldn't even be so bad if they're "I already have an account" link weren't small, located at the bottom, and dark blue against a dark background.

    Jesus h christ, if I had a brick for every time someone fucked up something this basic I'd be in prison for life from the number of people I would have smashed in the fucking melon for being incompetent.
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    And now after 15 minutes of bullshit, I'm waiting another ten minutes for more bullshit, because "reasons" on discords part, before I can make a motherfucking bug report on a fucking shit-tier bug. All because I wanted to be helpful.

    Who comes up with this fucking bullshit?

    Ten minutes wait time to join a motherfucking chat room? You're not that fucking important. Spam bots will just use fucking aged accounts anyway dipshits.

    Go fuck your mothers in their soggy cunts you limp dick incompetent rejects.
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    And to add insult to fucking injury, ten minute timer is up and WHAT DO YOU KNOW "you do not have permission to send messages in this channel", and I can't message anyone either.



    Motherfucking Christ.

    Well maybe I didn't want to fucking login into github to report it? Maybe I just wanted a quick one off?

    I guess this bug in your fucking software that people have been nagging you about for a FUCKING YEAR which took me all of ten fucking minutes to diagnose, will go unreported because of myopic stupid cunts running the project.

    Like seriously? You let this shit go for a motherfucking year when it effects your software at the most essential level? And it took ten fucking minutes to solve? And you waste my fucking time like this, a new comer?

    Get fucking rekt and live with your fucking bug you sacks of fucking shit.
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    @Wisecrack Oh, so there's the link! Thanks, I was looking for it a lot recently and never found it.
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    I'm really complaining about two things here, discord, and a separate project that has a discord channel, but having discord as a channel to communicate with devs is used by some of the most vapid stupid cunts I've yet encountered it seems.

    And yeah, discord's UX is makes some next-level-stupid decisions.

    Like the fucking logout button.

    Felt like a game of fucking prop hunt.
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    It's not called Pisscord for no reason. You know those guys are watching you sleep right?
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    fucking Face-to-the-desk laughing. You know you're probably a genius right?
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    I was called old fashioned for disliking Discords UX. Glad to know I'm not the only one!
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    What they mean when they call you old fashion is "we're jealous that you're not a vapid stupid whore for new-and-shiny like us!"
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    @Wisecrack "We refuse to admit that things were better before, and fuck you for disagreeing"
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    @Lor-inc you are wise beyond your youth and years.
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