Manager: "Good Morning"

Employee: "Okay"

Manager: "You are fired. I deserve a proper reply"

Employee: "I have put my entire focus on solving the problem the team members have been skipping for months. Anyways I will go"

Manager: "My bad, I will fire the other employee"

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    This is why you ignore everyone who greets you so on a rare occasion that you notice them, they are overwhelmed with joy.
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    That feels when working for a terrorist.
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    At my first job, I sat there, eyes closed and computer still off. I ran a complicated system design in my head whether it would catch all oddities.

    Boss came in: "what are you doing?"
    Me: "thinking."
    Boss: "don't you want to switch your computer on?"
    Me, eyes still closed: "no."

    Boss left, really confused. When I was done, I went to him to explain what I had been doing and why I hadn't been reacting to him. He was enough of a techie to understand.
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    Always reply with same! And smile 😀
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    (Not so engaged) managers in a nutshell
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    When In-the-zone, silence is required.
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    Wrongful termination lawsuit goes brrrrrr
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